About me!

Hello everyone! I'm thrilled to share my passion for sports and portrait photography with you. At just 18 years old, I bring a fresh perspective and a unique set of experiences to the table. With 8 years of dedicated play in basketball and softball under my belt, I possess an intimate understanding of the energy, skill, and emotions that unfold on the field. Additionally, my 10 years of recording and photography experience have honed my ability to capture those pivotal moments that make sports truly captivating.

But my interests extend far beyond the confines of the court. I find exhilaration in riding dirtbikes and immersing myself in the great outdoors. Growing up in Washington, I've developed a deep appreciation for the lush green landscapes that surround me. The vibrant beauty of nature has become a significant influence in my photography, adding depth and richness to every image.

When you choose to buy sports and portrait photos from me, you're not just supporting a budding photographer; you're gaining access to a unique perspective shaped by years of athletic dedication and a love for the outdoors. I pour my heart and soul into each photograph, aiming to capture the essence of the moment, the raw emotions, and the connection between individuals. With me, you'll find a passionate artist who is eager to document your stories and create lasting memories that you'll cherish for a lifetime.

I've always believed that success comes from the combination of hard work, dedication, and a love for what you do.

(Stephen Curry)

A little more about me


I’m Ambrina

I was born in Arizona and moved to Washington before I can remember. It was there that I developed a deep love for the great outdoors and discovered my passion for sports.


Why I am pursing Sports photography

I've heard my teammates say it, parents who loved their sport in their youth too, a lot of people believe some emotions cannot be captured. That if you've never played that sport, you'll never know the feeling of hitting a game winning three to lead your team into the championship. I disagree, others should be able to feel what us athletes get addicted to, and my goal is to capture that.


Relationship with nature

Nature captivates me in ways words cannot express. From riding dirt bikes since the age of 6 to embarking on exhilarating hikes and embracing the serene beauty of snow-covered landscapes, I find solace, joy, and endless adventure in nature's embrace.


Interesting Fact

Not only am I a photographer, but I am also a proud big sister. I take pride in being a big sister, after losing my older brother in October of 2022 I remember all the things he did for me that I can carry on for my little brother. Despite the 10-year age gap between us, my little brother and I always manage to have a wonderful time together. I take pleasure in sharing my passions and teaching him the things I love, and lately, he has developed a newfound passion for soccer!